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  • In the bleak Midwinter

    A Literary Christmas*

    In the bleak Midwinter ist ein englisches Weihnachtsgedicht (Christmas Poem) von Christina Rossetti. Sie schrieb das Gedicht vor 1872, veröffentlicht wurde es posthum 1904.

    Das Gedicht wurde mehrfach vertont, siehe In the bleak Midwinter (Weihnachtslied).

    Christina Rossetti (1830 bis 1894) war eine viktorianische Dichterin, die für Gedichte wie 'Goblin Market' und 'Remember' bekannt ist. Sie war die Schwester von Dante Gabriel Rossetti, der die Präraffaeliten anführte.

    Text: In the bleak Midwinter

    In the bleak mid-winter

    Frosty wind made moan,

    Earth stood hard as iron,

    Water like a stone;

    Snow had fallen, snow on snow,

    Snow on snow,

    In the bleak mid-winter

    Long ago.

    Our God, Heaven cannot hold Him

    Nor earth sustain;

    Heaven and earth shall flee away

    When He comes to reign:

    In the bleak mid-winter

    A stable-place sufficed

    The Lord God Almighty,

    Jesus Christ.

    Enough for Him, whom cherubim

    Worship night and day,

    A breastful of milk,

    And a mangerful of hay;

    Enough for Him, whom angels

    Fall down before,

    The ox and ass and camel

    Which adore.

    Angels and archangels

    May have gathered there,

    Cherubim and seraphim

    Thronged the air -

    But only His mother

    In her maiden bliss

    Worshipped the Beloved

    With a kiss.

    What can I give Him,

    Poor as I am?

    If I were a shepherd

    I would bring a lamb;

    If I were a wise man

    I would do my part;

    Yet what I can, I give Him -

    Give my heart.

    In the bleak Midwinter lesen


    Tags: Weihnachtsgedichte | Weihnachtsbücher

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